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Trebuchets, ballistas and crossbows, even conservation work in Antartica! We've been called upon to add our expertise and skills to some extraordinary projects over the years, many of which have featured in TV and film. We never back down from a challenge and this ethos has seen the realisation of countless wood framed projects that have pushed timber engineering to the limit.
Read moreWith over 30 years of timber framing experience, we use our knowledge and craftsmanship to produce award winning oak frame houses, public and commercial buildings. Our day to day work is inspiring, but we relish the chance to deliver projects that push boundaries and expand our understanding. Carpenter Oak's original team of owners championed design and craft throughout timber construction. They gained knowledge through the study and repair of traditional timber buildings. Developing an understanding of the historical use of green timber and gaining the confidence to build new structures. The transferring of skills within the company grows knowledge, informing contemporary design and innovation. The team at Carpenter Oak put professional creativity at the centre of this dynamic company. Contact us to discuss your project




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