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The Carpenter Oak family is made up of a fascinating and eclectic mix of talented people who share a passion for beautiful, functional timber architecture, natural materials and craft based skills, to inform build projects that are well designed to meet client’s needs in relevant and contemporary ways. We have worked extremely hard to maintain our strong reputation over the years and believe our staff hold the key to continuing this success.

Vacancies come up very rarely, as once someone makes a start here they tend to stay. However, we are always happy to receive CV’s with a covering letter, which we will keep on file with future company developments in mind, as it evolves.

Quite often the word character will be used to describe the buildings we make. This character comes from good design, skilled craftsmanship and the inherent character of the materials we use, such as oak. But we also know that it’s the calibre and character of the people we employ that give  Carpenter Oak buildings a certain quality which can hardly be described, only enjoyed.

How do we go about selecting carpenters? (this also applies to other job roles)

  • Having sent though a CV and a covering letter telling us about your life and work experience to date, we also need to get a sense of what attracts you to the work we do and what your aspirations are.
  • We invite promising potential prospects to visit the Carpenter Oak Ltd ‘Framing Yard’ for a tour of the set up here and an informal chat.
  • As and when a vacancy comes up, we will organise for a more formal interview, selection process and if necessary skills & knowledge assessment/tests.
  • As part of your research there are plenty of books on traditional timber framing, courses and places of interest to visit. A great central resource for all this and much more can be found at


We recommend joining the Carpenters Fellowship for many reasons, including the in house magazine called Mortice & Tenon. Purchasing back issues is an excellent way of charting the rise in popularity of traditional timber frame carpentry in the UK and around the world.

The skills we are looking for

So when it comes to staff selection; attitude, character, the right mind set and a certain glint in the eye is of more value than specific skills or knowledge. Obviously an aptitude for the type of work we do is important. We have built up over many years the experience and ability to train highly skilled carpenters; this is something we are proud of and is at the heart of the ethos of the company.

Current Opportunities

We currently have no vacancies, but keep checking this page and follow us on social media for the latest news and updates.

Apprenticeships, interns and work experience.

We don’t as such offer formal apprenticeships. We have a very thorough in house, on the job training programme. Trainees join as part of an experienced team who supervise directly the work and training. When appropriate we have undertaken the NVQ in Structural Post & Beam Carpentry in partnership with the Carpenters Fellowship.

Over the years we have enjoyed having some very lovely and talented interns work with us from the UK and abroad. Usually, they are students undertaking architectural or engineering training, who realise that gaining some hands on experience with tools and materials, as well as time working on projects at the computer, is hugely valuable. We welcome this trend for design professionals adopting a more rounded approach to building. However, our resources are limited, meaning there are more applicants than we have room for most of the time.

We fully support our local schools (and occasionally further afield) with their work experience programme, which is usually aimed at year 10 students. Again, places are limited and it pays to book early.

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