Steve Houston

Steve Houston

Team Leader

Joined Carpenter Oak: 2010

Interview with Steve

What is the best project you have worked on and why?
Palm House for the Edinburgh Art Festival as it was a bit different and good fun to work on. Trebuchet for Outlaw King kept me fit lugging big timbers and running on the wheel.

When not in the yard, what do you enjoy doing?
Going on adventure with the family, playing guitar and piano.

If stranded on a desert island, which three people would you take and why?
Crocodile Dundee, he’s pretty handy in the wilderness. Neil Young for entertainment around the campfire, my mate cos he’s not had a holiday in a while.

Which three people would be in your dream carpentry team and why?
The Hulk to lug all the heavy stuff and roll timbers, David Attenborough cos he looks like the kind of guy that could make a good cuppa and he’d have lots of stories to tell, Pythagorus to do the thinking and check my maths.

What is the most embarrassing job you have ever had?
Cleaning hire kilt outfits after wedding parties – find allsorts

What is the best comedy film ever made?
The Big Lebowski/Home Alone

What do you enjoy most about working with wood/oak?
Making something you can take pride in

Where is your favourite place in the world?
Rottiemurchus/Loch Morlich

After a childhood of being dragged around ‘interesting’ buildings I grew to appreciate and respect the structures around us. Some were good to climb around on too. Living around Edinburgh opens your eyes to lots of interesting sights. Got into framing by chance to help a friend. It was amazing to be making structures similar in ways to the structures I had admired growing up, plus I get to climb around on them.

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