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The New Face Of Timber Frame Architecture

The renaissance of oak framing over the last 30 years, its incorporation into modern timber frame architecture, and the rapidly expanding self build movement has been a very exciting chapter within our building industry and is still going strong. It has seen the relearning of traditional carpentry methods and the innovation of new techniques to enable frames to meet modern standards. There has been rapid progress and we have seen materials and techniques from other areas of industry and construction inexorably work their way into the mix, as the boundaries of timber framing are pushed by adventurous people keen to see what is possible.

Nowadays we find ourselves with an array of materials, styles, and techniques from which to draw, many of the progressive architectural house designs cannot simply be classed as ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’, but instead subtly combine, contrast and layer many different elements to create exciting fresh styles. With modern engineering providing constant support to timber frame architecture, the results can be stunning!

If you’re looking for something truly innovative, we welcome the opportunity to join you on your journey, contact us to discuss your plans.

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Britains Best Home Award 2009 for Douglas Fir Framed New Build House by Carpenter Oak Ltd Devon
We've won awards for our timber frame design services, we're here to turn your vision into a reality.