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The Beauty Of Oak

Although today Carpenter Oak Ltd is much more than an oak framing company, as our name suggests our roots lie firmly in the craft of Oak frame carpentry and we all remain under the spell of this most extraordinary of woods.

The Oak tree has played a truly exceptional part in our collective history. Some may even regard it as quintessentially English, but in fact, the Oak is native to many countries across the world and it has been celebrated, venerated and even worshipped by many cultures over the millennia, and its ubiquity in folklore is testament to its qualities. It has long enthralled us with its majesty in the forests and, from ancient times it formed the backbone to our civilisation – its strength and durability exploited in almost every conceivable strand of construction from cart and wheel making to box and barrel making for the transportation of goods, to bridge construction, boat and ship building and the construction of houses, barns, churches and cathedrals.

oak building material

The oak, referred to as both mighty and majestic, is used in everything from furniture to food, and found in nearly every temperate region of the earth.

We have used oak for lathe, cladding, shingling, flooring; it has provided beauty in our furniture and been indispensable within many other areas such as food smoking, leather tanning, the ageing of wines and whiskies and even medicine.

Our connection with oak and dependence on it is undeniable and it is indeed worthy of celebration. It carries a deep emotional significance as a symbol of enduring strength and power.

Hardly any surprise then that at a time when the construction industry is heading towards uniformity and disposability, more and more of us are turning back to the assured solidity and peace that large section oak frames can bring into our homes.

Its use in the construction of our timber frames still forms the central core of our work. Read more about oak and its place in our history and culture

oak building material
oak building material
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