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Timber Frame Details

Wrapping the frame

The timber frame normally stands partially or completely inboard of the internal finish and is revealed to the interior of the property. The frame is completely surrounded by a structured build-up whose function is to protect and insulate the building and protect it from the weather. This zone consists of external finishes, insulation and membranes, which can surround the frame unbroken and are therefore able to do their job more effectively. In this way the timber frame can meet and exceed all current regulations and standards for weather protection, insulation & air tightness . We do not advocate revealing the frame to the outside of the building.

External finishes

Since the frame lies in-board of the insulation and membrane build-up, it is possible to finish the building with any form of external finish that you want. Many frames will not be apparent from the outside of the property unless that is what you want. Often getting the appearance of the frame from the exterior is about having timer framed balconies & porches and areas of direct glazing.

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Exterior Finishes
Larch Cladding Detail
There are a range of exterior finishes available for your timber framed project...
timber frame designers standard details

Standard Architectural Details For Framing

As part of our service we supply your architect with all relevant 'Standard Details', these are advisory details showing the recommended detailing for the timber frame and applied glazing, and how they interact with surrounding detailing in numerous scenarios.

These details are architect approved and have been developed over many years to be robust and reliable.

We have many more information packs with further detailing - why not visit our show barn or show house to go through your ideas?

Your questions answered...

  • How do I finish the frame on the outside? What materials can I use?

    Douglas Fir Timber Framed Eco Cabin in The Sun in SomersetFirstly its important to say that we advocate that the frame is not exposed to the outside. That means that it can be finished in a variety of ways. The choices are extensive, and that means that wherever you are in the country (or world!) you can adopt a vernacular which is in keeping with the style of the building s around you (and keep on the good side of the planning authorities!)

    The insulation build up can be done on site or using SIPS panels. Outside of that our clients finish buildings in an outer layer of brickwork, rendered block, weatherboarding, natural stone, slate, shingle, glass.

  • Can the silvering of the oak cover boards be avoided?

    For some, the silvering of oak cover boards is a matter of taste. Osmo UV protection oil can be applied to maintain a natural finish, however, this will require regular maintenance to achieve a constant finish long term. We do not offer the application of any finishing as part of our service and is best carried out by a local decorator.

  • What shapes and sizes of glass are available for timber framed glazing?

    rationel-glazing-double-profile-2The most commonly used timber framed double glazing unit is 24mm thick; this is constructed from two 4mm sheets of glass with a 16mm argon gas filled void. These units can be applied to areas up to 2.5 m², for areas larger than this it is necessary to use 28mm units which are constructed from two 6mm sheets of glass with a 16mm argon gas filled void. This increase in unit thickness does mean that a much larger glazed area is possible, however, of course there is a cost implication to this.

  • Which timber is used for glazing cover boards?

    Using the best possible materials is of greatest importance, to eliminate any chance for dramatic movement or splitting over time. Top grade air dried oak cover boards are used to provide optimum natural weatherproofing performance and stability, however other materials such as Western Red Cedar can be used achieving an alternative aesthetic.
  • Do you offer a ‘Turnkey’ (complete build) solution ?

    Cabin with Lake View constructed from Douglas Fir Timber with Western Red Shingles by Carpenter Oak Ltd Devon

    Image courtesy of Michael Harris

    Yes.  If you are looking for a complete build or ‘Turnkey’ service, we can offer a solution to include each stage of the process, from the feasibility assessment, design, management and construction, right through to completion. We pride ourselves on being adaptable as every client is different.  We can offer a number of routes for you and your project, depending on how involved you want to get. We aim to understand your particular situation and respond to deliver what you need. For many people that means us working as a contractor alongside your architect and builder, for others, involvement at each stage or a self build project. Get in touch to find out which route would suit your project best and we can deliver a range of options from a finished frame to a finished house, ready for you to move into.

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