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Welcome To The New Carpenter Oak Website

The wait is over, here it is, the new Carpenter Oak website! Hopefully the new site will provide you with many inspiring images and a whole load of useful information. There might be the odd broken link here and there which slipped through the net – if you notice any of these just drop us a note.

Below we’ve selected a few of the exciting new features of the website, happy exploring!

What's New?

Where We've Worked
Carpenter Oak World Map
Explore our new interactive map with a selection of past projects in the UK and worldwide.
Timeless: A Short Film
'Timeless' a short film glimpsing into the world of Carpenter Oak timber frame buildings
Timeless - a short film by Carpenter Oak Ltd. A quick view into the world of a timber frame project.
Case Studies
Timber Clad Exterior of Douglas Fir Timber Framed Farmhouse with Zinc Roof
More in-depth insights into a selection of our past projects.


A big pat on the back, or perhaps a large slice of cake and a drink or two, is thoroughly deserved by Jamie, who is responsible for instigating and driving the completion of the website, as well as occasionally having to resort to the pinning down of certain members of the Carpenter Oak team, to draw out our trade secrets for display before your very eyes. Also thanks to Hayley for her image and SEO wizardry; Nik and Stuart for their content writing (story telling) - Nik had many a late night writing about 'how it feels to touch a piece of oak'; Anna Lodge for her invaluable marketing consultancy; and Lynn McGowan for the brilliant initial design sheets. I'm going to give myself (Sarah) a little mention as I've spent more time putting this thing together than I dare to recall. Thanks also to Katie Drew for her website building help in the initial stages, and to Caroline Voaden for her much appreciated editing skills.