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Joined Carpenter Oak: 2014

Interview with Will

  • What's been your most embarrassing job?

  • I worked at a holiday park in the north west of Australia as maintenance. I occasionally got a call out to the swimming pool that was described as a 'code brown.'
  • Favourite timber frame joint:

  • I've done some hips with dragon beams recently, which has been fun.
  • Best project you've worked on?

  • Farmcott last year was quite amazing for the uniqueness of the frame. Gardner was one of my earliest frames and was fun as I topped it out and Jean and Matt made me recite a poem.
  • What music are you listening to in the yard?

  • Usually 6 Music or occasionally some Pirate oldies for some sing along cheese. The last band I actually put on was The Clash.
  • When not in the yard what do you enjoy doing?

  • Surfing whenever I can. I did my first triathlon this summer which was great so I'm trying to train to do more in the future.
  • Which three colleagues would you take to a desert island?

  • Assuming there's great waves on this island I'd take Don to go surfing with, then Matt Q has got some pretty good outdoor survival skills so would come in handy. And Sarah to keep us in check and look after us all.
  • Which colleagues would be in your dream carpentry team?

  • That's tough. Everyone's great in different ways. Alan usually has biscuits with him so that's always good.


I was born in Perth in Western Australia but grew up in Cambridge.  After studying Psychology at Swansea University I moved to North Devon in pursuit of waves.  I worked as a surf instructor for seven years, allowing me to surf and travel all over the world.  I began training and working as a carpenter in 2007. We lived in Australia for 4 years before returning to the UK to get married in 2013.  While traveling in Canada I realised my passion for timber framing by completing a introductory training course.  Upon our return I got in touch with Carpenter Oak and a month later we made the move from North to South Devon.