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Tristan Appleby Site Planning and Logistics at Carpenter Oak Ltd Devon

Project Manager

Joined Carpenter Oak: 2007

Interview with Tristan

  • What is the best project you have worked on and why?

  • Bachelor. I built the frame and the spiral stairs. It took almost a year of my life but it is an amazing house.
  • When not in the yard, what do you enjoy doing?

  • Reading, snooker, socialising, fishing (I have a boat) and did I mention I have a boat?
  • If stranded on a desert island which three people would you take and why?

  • Bill Bailey to keep me amused, Keith Floyd to keep me well fed and amused and Ray Mears (Someone has to find the food!!!)
  • Which three people would be in your dream carpentry team and why?

  • Salvador Dali for design, John Brown who is an amazing chair maker (so good with wood) and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, lets see how good you are with wood!


I am here in Devon working for Carpenter Oak as a conscious life style choice, having lived in the south east for ten years working as a carpenter, and later a framer. When the chance came up to re-locate and work for Carpenter Oak I jumped at it, the opportunity to build really good structures (there are frames and then there are Frames!) to live so close to the coast, the river Dart, Dartmoor and the more relaxed approach to life we have here in Devon was too good to miss. The thing I like most about the company is the amazing amount of knowledge and experience contained within it which has both allowed me to grow and flourish as a framer. As I said before I am still loving the life!