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Tim Simpson Manager at Carpenter Oak Ltd Cornwall Framing Yard

Manager, Cornwall Framing Yard

Joined Carpenter Oak: 2006

Interview with Tim

  • What music are you currently listening to in the workshop?

  • Dr Dre.
  • When not in the yard, what do you enjoy doing?

  • Wakeboarding.
  • What is your favourite timber frame joint?

  • Tusk Tenon.


I am lucky enough to do the job that I love in the place that I love. We have a workshop near St. Ives which is where I live now with my family. I am able to bring the art of timber framing to sunny Cornwall where I teach others the skills that I have learnt. I also have experience in the building trade as I worked in construction for 4 years in Plymouth. I am enjoying living back in my home town with my wife and children. Oh yes.....and the surfing is free!!