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Stuart Voaden Director at Carpenter Oak Ltd Devon


Joined Carpenter Oak: 1999

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Interview with Stuart

  • Who do others think you look like?

  • George Clooney. My colleague Dave thinks so, but only like his character in the film Syriana. Thanks Dave - thanks alot!
  • What is your favourite timber frame joint?

  • What a revelation for me to discover the magic of the pegged mortice and tenon joint. Simple, timeless in fact, in it's design elegant, strong and long lasting. Of course, we love to experiment with different joints, different materials...reinvent the wheel. But for me, oak is a beautiful and robust timber, it takes the knocks and cleans up beautifully. And the fact that a Mortise and Tenon joint gets stronger over time and oak dries like iron, is all about things being built to last in spans of lifetimes. This means a great deal.
  • What is the best project you have worked on and why?

  • Must be close on 100 self build exhibition show stands built that i've worked on over the years. It is quite a challenge for just the few days of a show , to put on what is in effect a piece of theatre. To showcase all the beauty of what we do and how we do it. It is rewarding though, to see the 'wow' reaction from future clients as they view finished photographs of our work and engage with the post and beam structure that we have built for the show.
  • What is your nickname in the yard?

  • Stoopot, Uncle Buck, Jay Leno...
  • What music are you currently listening to in the workshop?

  • These days I'm more in the office than the workshops. But when I was 'on the tools', I recall a Phil Collins tune being played on the radio, but unfortunately this provoked the throwing of a chisel at the workshop stereo by one of the carpenters.
  • When not in the office what do you enjoy doing?

  • Getting away from the computer, blowing the dust off my carpentry tools to make furniture and sculpture in an attempt to maintain the skills and knowledge gained all those years ago.


I have been a part of the Carpenter Oak (family) team since 1999.  Together we are great: care, quality, reliability are embodied values that attracted me to the company from the word go. I started as a mature student (!) trainee carpenter, a change of direction from a successful career working for BMW,  and developed with Carpenter Oak over the years to become a Director in 2009.  I get just as much of a buzz today being involved with client's aspirations to create a beautiful frame home, as I did the first day I started. Among the many hats I wear, organising self build exhibitions gives me the opportunity to meet people at the time they are first inspired by what it is we do. To then eventually help erect the actual oak frame on their site is a real thrill. I look forward to playing my part in making your build project an enjoyable reality and offering you a warm welcome to Carpenter Oak.