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Nik Sheppard Programmer at Carpenter Oak Ltd Devon

Production Manager/ Company Secretary

Joined Carpenter Oak: 2001

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Interview with Nik

  • What is your nickname in the yard?

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  • What is the best project you have worked on and why?

  • A beautiful boathouse on the River Fowey, a stunning location and memorable as much as the frame was carried onto site and raised by hand. We had the help of a telehandler crane which sat on the riverbed, at low tide 20ft below.
  • Who do you think you look like?

  • It used to be Mick Hucknall but those days are long gone. Some say Damian Lewis?
  • When not in the yard what do you enjoy doing?

  • Trail running, kayaking and camping.


I'm Nik, I joined Carpenter Oak in 2001 and spent six years as a carpenter, building and raising frames.  I now look after our work programme and co-ordinate our projects, teams and timber (I'm glad I learned to juggle all those years ago!). Every day brings a new challenge, but we have fantastic, diverse and resourceful team here. It means it's always enjoyable coming to work. After a brush with the notion of becoming an engineer when young, my deep passion for the outdoors instead led me to get involved in community projects in the woodlands surrounding Bristol where I learned the basics of woodland crafts, management and became interested in timber framing.  I ran a small art gallery and picture framing business before I eventually escaped the big smoke in 1999 and headed for South Devon, where we lived for a time at a crumbling hotel high on the cliffs.  I found work in general building for 2 years before joining the Carpenter Oak team. I have a son who keeps me young at heart. I’m a keen runner and love the moors, river and coastline.