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Natalie Fenwick - Wordsmith


Joined Carpenter Oak: 2016

Interview with Natalie

  • What is the most embarrassing job you have ever had (before carpenter Oak)?

  • An ice-skating lion.
  • Favourite thing about working at Carpenter Oak?

  • I get to hang out with genuine people and do something I love, write, write, and more writing.
  • Best project I have worked on and why?

  • Carpenter Oaks blog as that is what brought me here.
  • Who you think you look like?

  • Me, obviously.
  • When not in the yard what do you enjoy doing?

  • Making the best of nature with Don and the kids; camping in the VW, exploring new spaces, riding the bikes, swimming, playing on the beach. Also; yoga, reading, writing and going to the Pigs Nose.


I’ve been hovering around Carpenter Oak since 2002 when Don joined as a Carpenter. The guys took us under their wing and welcomed us into the Carpenter Oak family. Since then Don and I have gained a few more wrinkles and produced a family of our own. I’ve contributed a few photographs and attended some shows whilst freelancing but I’m now an official member of the team tasked with being word smith and blogger. Carpenter Oak has a great work-life ethos, people’s health and happiness is important to them, they allow me the flexibility to work around my home-life and children.