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Justin Rose Project Carpenter at Carpenter Oak Ltd Scotland

Project Carpenter, Scotland

Joined Carpenter Oak: 1997

Interview with Justin

  • What is your nickname in the yard?

  • Dusty Justy.
  • What is the most embarassing job you have ever had?

  • Tick collector?
  • What music are you currently listening to in the workshop?

  • Will's iPod full of reggae faves...
  • If you were stranded on a desert island, which three people would you take and why?

  • Robinson Crusoe, Man Friday and a Bounty Mutineer - would know how to find food and make a cup of tea on a desert island.
  • Which 3 people would be in your dream carpentry team and why?

  • Will, Dave and Ian (who are working in the Scotland Yard) - would know how to find food and make a cup of tea in a workshop.


I had no formal training in carpentry, I went to Art College and came to oak framing by happy chance through green wood crafts. I first worked for Carpenter Oak in the mid 90’s, in the Oxford Yard, where I began the long and tortuous journey of becoming a traditional timber framer, but a little over a decade ago I moved to Scotland and lost touch somewhat, working for other framing companies and even forming my own small business. Now I find myself back in the fold, working for Carpenter Oak again here in Angus, and a great pleasure it is to be conspiring once again with old friends in the South Hams.