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Jilly Dixon Administrator at Carpenter Oak Ltd Devon


Joined Carpenter Oak: 1997

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Interview with Jilly

  • What is your nickname in the yard?

  • Probably Granny!
  • What is your favourite timber frame joint?

  • A strong one!
  • What is the most embarassing job you have ever had?

  • Cracking eggs in an egg factory which then got piped under the road to the cake factory.
  • When not in the yard what do you enjoy doing?

  • Walking the dog, skiing when my back isn't protesting, and generally being outdoorsy.


I have worked in the office at Carpenter Oak for 15 years.  I previously worked at Cambridge University before moving to Devon in the 70s, raising a family and getting back into the workplace with local architects, before discovering Carpenter Oak. Jack the dog accompanies me and enjoys avoiding steel capped boots and looking out for treats!  I love the sea, cliff walking, skiing, barbeques, and mucking about on the River Dart.