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Jenny Latham Administrator at Carpenter Oak Ltd Devon


Joined Carpenter Oak: 2013

Interview with Jenny

  • What is your favourite thing about working at Carpenter Oak?

  • The scenic drive to work, followed by the smell of wood-burners in the office make a great start to the day.
  • Who do you think you look like?

  • Gwen Stephanie - but not dressed in a teapot.
  • When not in the yard, what do you enjoy doing?

  • Cooking, reading, walking and skydiving.
  • If stranded on a desert island which three people would you take and why?

  • Richard - my partner/best friend. We are pretty good at solving problems between us and he is excellent at making beer. Tigs - he is a pilot, a sailor, an engineer and a shepherd. A particularly grumpy man who is resourceful and will help us make our escape should we want to. Scooby - a friend who is very bright and very scatty. There is never a dull moment when Scooby is around.
  • What is the most embarrassing job you have ever had?

  • Burger King when I was a teenager - the bosses made us say "You got it" after every order - this isn't even proper English. So very embarrassing.


I moved to Devon nearly 10 years ago to be closer to my grandmother, it felt like home. The rest of the family followed and all live fairly close-by, now it definitely feels like home. In the past I have worn a few different hats, always customer facing. I really enjoy meeting different personalities and developing relationships. Since joining Carpenter Oak the level of support my colleagues have offered has been fantastic together with the massive teapot full of endless hot tea.