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alex boulger

Project Consultant

Joined Carpenter Oak: 2017

Interview with Alex

  • What is the most embarrassing job you have ever had?

  • I used to do a lot of event work back in the day, and once spent a whole day chasing a giant tube of toothpaste, while dressed up in what can only be called a green and white thunderbird costume (the colours of the toothpaste)
  • Who you think you look like?

  • Have been called Booker T by some since I was 20, but that relates to an electric bill where they got my name wrong rather than the WWF wrestler of the time who is 6 foot 6 and has muscles on top of muscles. I have also been compared to Gary Barlow, but they had been drinking…
  • What music are you currently listening to?

  • Freestylers, We Rock Hard - it hasn’t failed to put some bounce in my day for almost 20 years, Skepta to keep it grimy and embarrassingly in the car this year I found myself enjoying a song only to find out after that I am officially a “Belieber.”
  • When not in the office, what do you enjoy doing?

  • Spending as much time as possible playing outdoors with the family and eating with them. We love food in our house and meal times are my favourite time, where we all sit down, talk, joke and eat amazing food.


I was born in the Middle East when my Dad was working as an engineer and came back to Blighty when I was four years old.  I spent my childhood growing up in a leafy town in Hampshire before leaving home to study.  Four years of trying to force myself to enjoy the course failed and I left without a degree and worked in a cocktail bar for a year, which was great for fun but not for your health.  I drove a white van for another year and worked in Events before deciding to find a way to the city.  A few years working in sales for Barclays before turning to the dark side and getting into recruitment.  I spent the next ten years mastering the dark arts and set up my own business.  Then all my dreams came true and I discovered Carpenter Oak, where I look forward to spending the next twenty years.