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Modern Wood Frame Houses

David and Jenny Spillane create a modern eco wood house based on the Carpenter Oak Show Home.

After spending the day exploring the Grand Designs exhibition, David and Jenny Spillane approached the Carpenter Oak show stand, and soon decided we were the timber framing company that would turn their vision into a reality.

Having had an initial chat with Jamie, Carpenter Oak’s very own ‘Chatty Man’, the newly wed couple arranged to visit the Carpenter Oak show barn and Framing Yard, to gain some inspiration for their new oak framed house venture.

In keeping with the couple’s passion for looking after pigs, the house was to be built in front of an old orchard with plenty of land left for the 2 cats, a dog, and of course the pigs, with Josephine (pictured below) taking up a fair chunk of room!

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Meet The Team

Lead Carpenter:
Frame Design:

"We very much appreciate the lovely working relationship and in fact friendship that being involved with CO has become. We've always been impressed with and enjoyed the personal approach the team has."

Jenny Spillane

Watch a short video of the finished home

Award Winning Home!
Build it Award 2015
Jenny and David's home win 'Best Oak Frame' at the Build It Awards 2015. Read more here...

After exploring and discussing the ideas and possibilities with Sam Williams from Roderick James Architects - whom the Spillane’s decided to work with throughout the project - it became clear that the couple were after something a little different.

So Jamie and Sam guided them around the Carpenter Oak Show Home – an innovative eco house which combines the oak frame with Structural Insulated Panels to provide structural integrity.

This was to become a major source of inspiration and reference for the Spillane’s new timber frame home.

Whether you are at the ideas stage or if you have planning permission and architects plans at the ready, we'd love to hear about your timber frame project. Contact us to chat or book a visit to our show barn or house.

“David and Jenny wanted to create an innovative and exciting home, we used the Carpenter Oak Show home as the basis for the design and came up with something that we all feel is very exciting, we can’t wait to see them move in!”

Sam Williams RIBA, Roderick James Architects LLP

David and Jenny had already obtained outline planning permission, which grants permission for the principle of a new dwelling subject to size.

For the full planning application, Sam developed the Spillane’s ideas into a set of drawings, elevations and floor plans, taking the design of the Carpenter Oak Show Home as a base and extending it from a 1.5 to a 2 storey house.

The eco features of the Show Home, for example the air source heat supply and thermo stores, were an important aspect of the project for David and Jenny, who were keen to build as sustainably as possible.

Carpenter Oak Ltd have worked with a range of suppliers for all things related to timber framed buildings, and after 25 years we’re confident we have the best team available for your project. For this project we worked closely with a local company,Hercules, to fabricate the unusual steel work.

The Spillanes were keen to integrate into their new home the impression of a ‘floating frame’ – this was achieved by the combination of an unusually shaped oak frame with stainless steel feet, raising the frame off the ground to give it an elevated feel.

Chris Lane, Lead Carpenter:

“Preparing the frame for the stainless steel feet presented us with a new challenge – drilling holes into the end of the posts requires quite a lot of care. It’s exciting to develop new methods, and now we’ve got the technique down to an art, ready for the next time.”

Chris Lane, Carpenter Oak Team Leader

What is different about this house?

The inclusion of a bespoke stainless steel flitch plates and pignuts, combined with the Structural Insulated Panels allowed for a free-standing frame within the shell of the building, a key feature for the Spillane’s, who envisaged being able to move around the oak and hug it! Their core passion for oak shows through the presence of unusual angles and interceptions of beams throughout the home.

A few surprise wow factors have been integrated in to the design, with the split level house accommodating a mixed living approach, having living spaces both upstairs and downstairs.

There are voids between the floors to link the floors both visually and physically. From the upstairs living area, the view out to the surrounding countryside is softened by the underlining moss cedar roof, which appears to seamlessly blend in with the distant landscape.


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