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Contemporary Oak Framed House Update Part 4

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A Step Closer To Paradise

Contemporary eco frame is nearly ready for decorating.

You may have seen this house go through the stages, from initial drawings, ideas, and plans, through to the raising of the frame and structural build, via our previous news (see below) – now the Spillane’s house is really starting to come together, and is almost ready for decorating.

The newly wed couple have already moved in their pet pigs, including Josephine (pictured below) who’s as happy as a pig in… mud.

These are the first pictures of the build showing how the interior of the home is going to feel, we hear Jenny and David are planning on installing a deVOL kitchen – specifically the super funky ‘Air’ range – very nice!

For the first time you can catch a glimpse of some of the more contemporary features in this build, such as the inclusion of bespoke stainless steel  flitch plates and pignuts, combined with the Structural Insulated Panels, which allow for a free-standing frame within the shell of the building – a key feature for the Spillane’s, who envisaged being able to move around the oak and hug it! Their core passion for oak shows through the presence of unusual angles and interceptions of beams throughout the home.

A few surprise wow factors have been integrated in to the design, with the split level house accommodating a mixed living approach, having living spaces both upstairs and downstairs. There are voids between the floors to link the floors both visually and physically. From the upstairs living area, the view out to the surrounding countryside is softened by the underlining moss cedar roof, which appears to seamlessly blend in with the distant landscape.

Decorating is now underway, so we’ll be able to get some finished images to you soon – come back to keep up to date with the Spillane’s progress. For now, why not take a look at some of our finished timber framed buildings?