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If you have a timber frame at the heart of your dream house, Carpenter Oak can provide a number of options.

From designing, making and raising the frame, to delivering a complete build – or ‘turnkey’ solution, we have the best option to suit your project.  More and more of our clients are asking about whether we can offer a complete build solution.  Thirty years of business have taught us that delivering what the client wants is a key part of what we do.  We listen to our clients, then provide the best solution that will enable them to realise their projects.

You may have a fixed idea about which stages of the build you want to be involved in and which stages you don’t.  There may be areas that fall out of your expertise and you want to rely on a specialist contractor.  The benefit of a complete build solution is being able to tailor it to suit your needs and deliver cost certainty.


Carpenter Oak’s complete build solution includes the following:

Stage one – Design, costing and planning 

Outline and pre-planning, drawings, building regs., contracts, surveys  and third party specialists, project cost planning, value engineering, financing (if required)

Stage two – Construction

Site clearance, substructure, timber frame, super structure, first and second fix, fitting out, painting and decorating.

Stage three – Post Construction

A finished home with architects certificates and contract administration throughout the twelve month rectification period

If you’re interested in a complete build solution, either fill out our registration form for more information or call us to discuss your options and find out how we can take your project through each stage of the process, through to completion.

Call: 01803 732 900

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Jamie Wilson - Sales and Marketing

Jamie Wilson

"My favourite part of the job is the journey that takes clients through from that initial phone call, when they might only have an idea in their heads, right through to them living in a finished home that we've helped them achieve, every step of the way."