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A carpentry taster day

A Carpentry Taster Day in Carpenter Oak’s Conservation Area

  We had a fantastic day spent with young people from the Real Ideas Organisation and Talent Match Cornwall teaching them traditional carpentry techniques. The young people were given a brief to make a 3 legged Zulu stool using traditional tools such as a shave horse, and to...
Self building article in the Guardian

The Guardian – Right to Build News

Following recent news from the government to support the Right to Build movement, Oliver Wainwright from the Guardian writes on the vision of architect Walter Segal, who over 30 years ago gave self builders the confidence to create their own living space. In the 1980s the London...
'Timeless' a short film glimpsing into the world of Carpenter Oak timber frame buildings

Timeless – The Carpenter Oak Film

Just over 2 years ago we launched a short film to give you a taste of what goes on behind the scenes here at Carpenter Oak. Since then ‘Timeless’ has received over 10,000 views. Timeless was created to give you an insight into the world at Carpenter Oak, based in...